Projects and Lethargy


We briefly emerged from our Week of Lethargy to make lino block prints. And then we returned to this. 



4 thoughts on “Projects and Lethargy

  1. We went on a hike today! Well, we left the coughing 12 year old home, and the husband, boy, dog and I went. Great weather and so many people out! The only problem is that it gets dark so early.

  2. Good news: My husband made beautiful Polish crepes for dinner tonight. We had them with jams, syrups, heated cherry pie filling and a cooked filling consisting of ricotta cheese, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon.
    Bad news: I haven’t stirred outside today, beyond a perfunctory spin around the block on my bike.

  3. My son and I went hiking yesterday. We went off the trail and up a stupid-steep slope to be taking a five-year-old up. Or maybe my prairie origins make me overly fearful. Anyway, we went back down.

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