Creativity Everywhere

Maybe because I am finally almost, not-quite, finished with unpacking boxes and have moved onto picking out paint colors and hanging things on walls, I'm seeing cool eye candy everywhere. Everywhere. It's like I'm on LSD or something. 

So, here's a brain dump of some of the eye candy that I've seen this week.

I'm totally into this website of affordable art. Check out this photo of an old clock


The boys and I have been making lino block prints this week. We made a few fun prints, but it's good to see how the pros do it. There are some truly amazing and affordable prints on Etsy. 


 While I was doing my annual Dec. 26th bargain shopping spree at the mall, I went into Madewell, because I adore their scarves. The store was staged with lots of vintage stuff, include a bunch of old clocks from the 30s. 

140-2 140-1 140

The clocks looked so great grouped up together. I think my mom has my grandfather's alarm clock in her attic; I better tell her not to throw it away. They are selling for 100 bucks a pop on eBay


3 thoughts on “Creativity Everywhere

  1. And you get to live so close to one of THE best eye candy cities in the world – NYC…
    Don’t forget to see the Radical Camera exhibit at the Jewish Museum! ABC Carpet and Home has some good decor eye candy as well – just around the corner from Madewell and Muji…

  2. LOL, on the affordable art website right now, they are selling a set of three prints that say, “We have had sex in this room,” “We have had sex in this room also,” and “Yup this one too.”
    I’m thinking their target demographics and your blog’s may not totally intersect.

  3. The last time I had birthday parties for the kids, I got one of those signs that you stick in the ground that says “The Party Is Here!” After the parties, I brought it into the bedroom and taped it on the wall over our bed. 🙂

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