Gift Guide #7 — Earthy Crunchy Edition

Over the past year, Steve and I  became WAY more crunchy. Steve pickled twenty jars of jalapenos this fall, and right now, he’s making his own sauerkraut from cabbages that we picked up from the CSA. The sauerkraut is fermenting in a bowl in the back of a cupboard right now. Not sure that I approve.

  1. Gardening Gloves (Poison ivy hates me, and I hates it.)
  2. The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest or any Molly Katzen cooking book (Great for lentil soup or quiche. Just remember to add a little bit of ham or bacon to all her recipes.)
  3. Membership in a CSA
  4. Fagor 9 Piece Pressure Canning Set
  5. Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (After you get going with the brewing, Steve suggests actually going to a beer supply store and talking shop with the owner. He says you have to be part of the “beer community.” OK, Geek!)





2 thoughts on “Gift Guide #7 — Earthy Crunchy Edition

  1. Nice canning set! And good luck getting a CSA membership as a gift. $$$$$$$$$$$$
    But, if there’s anything that drives me more nuts it’s ‘gifty’ gardening stuff. The NYBG gift shop is strictly for armchair gardeners. Beware!
    For a fraction of the price, get something that looks less pretty than the photo, but fits and lasts and will suit anyone with an intention of doing actual gardening in close proximity to actual poison ivy: Atlas Nitrile Gloves.


  2. We already have a membership. Just trying to promote the idea to others.
    Actually, Steve doesn’t use a canning set. He uses a huge pasta pot, tongs, and mason jars. But this canning set looks a lot safer than Steve’s method.


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