Why Do We Like Zombies So Much?

Plants-vs-zombie-papercraft-002 Why we do we like zombies so much? Answer: They are easy to kill.

IF THERE’S ONE THING we all understand about zombie killing, it’s that the act is uncomplicated: you blast one in the brain from point-blank range (preferably with a shotgun). That’s Step 1. Step 2 is doing the same thing to the next zombie that takes its place. Step 3 is identical to Step 2, and Step 4 isn’t any different from Step 3. Repeat this process until (a) you perish, or (b) you run out of zombies. That’s really the only viable strategy.


4 thoughts on “Why Do We Like Zombies So Much?

  1. Zombies are easy to kill? If so, then why are zombie lies so hard to kill?
    I think zombies are popular now because they’re so ridiculous and hilarious. Vampires are complex and tricky and thus more scary. Zombies are just easy to understand and easy to hate. They make us feel superior. Vampires, on the other hand, really may be better than us. Russell Edgington certainly thinks so.
    I didn’t read the article, so don’t sue me if I repeated the writer’s points. 🙂

  2. If you take “easy” to mean not requiring complex thought (which is the way the article seems to go), I think that is right. I’ve often felt life would be less stressful if I could solve any of my problems by shooting, especially shooting at something that can’t shoot back.

  3. I had a coach who opined that there were very few personal problems that could not be solved by a suitable application of high explosives. He also said “Never use words where a flamethrower will do.” YMMV.

  4. Zombies are an example of a simple moral choice. They’re already dead, and they’re unambiguously evil. It’s not only appropriate to just kill them, it’s really the only thing to do.
    There’s no complexity, you don’t have to analyze your choices or take responsibility for your actions: just kill the problem. I think their appeal lies in that simplicity.

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