Gift Guide 2010 #4 – Tech Toys

  1. Tivoli Audio (Incredible design. And it sounds great, too. Steve has one on his desk and wants one for the kitchen, too.)
  2. Apple iPad (I need this. Really. It will make me a better person, I'm sure.)
  3. Ion USB Turntable (Steve spent two months going through his old record collection and created .mp3 files for his iPod. It was a bigger deal before Apple and the Beatles agreed to be friends.) 
  4. Kate Spade Phone Case (I need a new one. Badly. It's urgent.)
  5. Nikon D40 (This is my camera. It's tempermental, but it takes great shots.)


M1slc_001_1   Phonecase


4 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2010 #4 – Tech Toys

  1. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE your gift guides! Keep the ideas coming please. I have bought several things already and am looking at the Tivoli radio now. Are you going to do a boys’ gift guide?


  2. Laura- even though I’m 46 I love YA books so that list might have ideas for me and my almost 11 yr old daughter who’s a great reader!


  3. Bought an iYiYi radio from Tivoli couple years ago. Probably a 5X premium for the cute factor. But life is short, and my apartment is small, and I keep the price a secret!


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