Digital Philanthropy

Chris Hughes, one of the founders of Facebook and the chief digital organizers for Obama's campaign, has started a new philanthropy website, Jumo. Using Facebook, Jumo connects individuals with good organizations and causes.

I love the idea, but I played with it for about five minutes and found a ton of bugs. I couldn't even set up an account. Too bad.

I haven't been  thrilled with other online websites and applications that have been aimed at stimulating social activism and philanthropy. The political content has been sophomoric, and the companies are heavily weighted with bored 20-something billionaires, rather than experienced activists.

Let's see if Jumo can do better.

3 thoughts on “Digital Philanthropy

  1. I like Charity Navigator, though it’s mostly best for determining how a charity allocates its funds and not its political agenda. But it is helpful for identifying different types of legitimate charities you might be interested in supporting.


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