Gift Guide 2010 #3 – Geeky Man Stuff

  1. LEGO Architecture (Actually, I want this.)
  2. Passport To Your National Parks Companion Guide: North Atlantic Region (Passport Series) (We came across this when we visited Kitty Hawk this summer. As you travel around, you can get passport stamps in the gift shops of all the national parks. The passport also gives you  ideas of places to visit. A great gift for the former Eagle Scout in your family. )
  3. The Best American Comics 2010 (The Best American Series (R)) (Remember – graphic novelists have two skills, rather just one.)
  4. Swiss Army Knife (Because you never know when you'll need a corkscrew.)
  5. Uber-preppy Timex watch (And I can borrow it, too!)



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4 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2010 #3 – Geeky Man Stuff

  1. Heh, the girlie stuff was not for me, but this stuff? Awesome. I got the Lego Architecture White House for E. We also got him the National Parks passport when we were in Yellowstone because he loves maps and having something to stamp gave him a purpose during our trip.


  2. We never tried anything like National Park stamps, but we do have a smashed penny collection.
    For those who do outdoor stuff, I recommend a knife in the traditional red. Much easier to find if you drop it. That said, I enjoy the sight of people wearing bright orange vests and hats while carrying camo.


  3. The Lego architecture sets are so cool. I just ordered the White House for my whole family since we visited Washington DC this past year and toured the White House for the first time. Thanks for the great gift idea!


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