Extreme Moderation: Our democracy needs an army of militant centrists

The editors of the Economist, a centrist political and economic magazine coming out from the UK, wrote a scathing editorial on American politics. They say that because the Republicans refuses to disavow Donald Trump, the preservation of American democracy is entirely reliant on the Democratic Party. But the Democratic party has become prey to extreme ideas from the far left, they write. In order to win the next elections, the editors say that the leaders need to jettison the progressive wing of the party. Their woke nonsense is distracting party leaders from handling the real problem of stabilizing our democracy and leaving us open to the real danger of Trump 2.0 in 2024. 

Some Democrats minimize the impact of identity politics coming out of their Progressive wing. Privately, they might admit that those issues are juvenile and pointless, but then quickly pivot to extreme politics of their opponents. Why are we even wasting time critiquing woke politics, when the other side won’t recognize that a pregnancy in a 10-year old is a horrific thing, they say. 

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