Spreadin’ Love 439

Dooce got dissed by CBS.  I like hearing about how people get booked on TV shows and all that. I also make my hairdresser tell me how much he pays the salon owner and how much he makes doing promotion shows for shampoo dealers. I'm a very nosy person. 

Is is cool or uncool that Kagan seems to have been very, very careful to avoid going on record with a political opinion? As someone with a blog, I just don't know what to do with a person who has no evidence of a political opinion. 

I've been meaning to check out this 9 by Design. The New York Times liked it.

James Parker says that Susan Boyle is the anti-Lady Gaga.


One thought on “Spreadin’ Love 439

  1. “As someone with a blog, I just don’t know what to do with a person who has no evidence of a political opinion. ”
    Yes. One has to wonder what she’d be like to talk to. But, I think the missing point in the Brooks article is that she just might be like that. She might be a facilitator, a mediator rather than an opinionater. I personally am pretty free and open in expressing opinions, enough so, that I actually suppress discussion because I’m so loud-mouthed that quieter people feel unwilling to state their opinions. Maybe she actually likes to listen, and doesn’t feel strongly about lots of things.
    This doesn’t change the fact that apparently we’re selecting for that over other personalities, but it does raise the possibility that we’re selecting for a type, rather than suppressing everyone into the same mold. That is, we’re rewarding the natural stepford wives, rather than actually modifying the brains of ordinary women (or children) to create organization kids.


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