Spreadin’ Love 439

Great video on research examining the moral compass of babies. The little critters do know the difference between right and wrong, and they still don't tell me that they have homework until twenty minutes before bedtime.

Megan McArdle has a really interesting post responding to an argument that the stock market skims the educational cream. The best and brightest have run to Wall Street for the fat bonuses and left the dregs for education, health, and law. Megan doesn't buy it and neither do I.

2 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love 439

  1. If the next Rasmussen poll shows inordinate economic pessimism on the part of middle aged white males employed outside government, it may be at least partially a reflection of the fact that I’m the only one in the house not sick and thus in a bad mood.


  2. Yah, well, MY #2 tells me he had homework, it’s done, and then I find out from teacher that he didn’t do it. He has a moral compass, it’s just oriented to the south.


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