Don’t Forget Mom

IMG_0155 Mom doesn't want some wilted flowers or a runny egg brunch. Mom wants a fifth of bourbon.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Mom

  1. Teach her to make a Manhattan. It’s simpler than an omelet and the childish tendency to use too much vermouth doesn’t cut the quality of the drink nearly as much as if they make the same mistake with a martini.

  2. “Sing it. I just gave the kids money for the Mother’s Day sale and am dreading what will return. I am allergic to tchotchkes.”
    And depending on the child, you may have to keep it forever. Daughter brought home a plant in a pot from school for Mother’s Day just before we moved to Texas three years ago, and I remember having to do some fancy footwork to explain why we weren’t moving with it.

  3. They’ve been advertising alcohol for moms on the radio around here and there’s been some uproar about it. We have a state-run liquor board. Technically, they’re only supposed to run ads in a) adult markets only and b) always include a message about responsibility. Their main mission in fact is supposed to be promoting responsible drinking. But their revenue comes from selling liquor. Talk about conflict of interest!
    That said, I’m all for a few mimosas on Mother’s Day.

  4. Momma wants a well-stocked liquor cabinet in general, yup. The month of marking is over and the cupboard’s bare.
    Sadly, with a freak snowstorm socking the city in, I don’t think I’m getting anything more than the childishly-addressed envelope that is leaking something that appears suspiciously like seeds for annuals. . . .

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