Year in Photos

Year I love end of the year lists. I'm really looking forward to that great quiet after the holidays. When the guests have left and the empty boxes are stacked neatly in the garage. I'm going to sit like a zombie in front of the VH1 and other cable stations watching the best bloopers of 2009, the top meals of 2009, the best reality show moments of 2009, the Tiger's Top Hos of 2009.

In the meantime, check out The New York Times's Year in Photos.

One thought on “Year in Photos

  1. It’s a tradition for us to find the cheesiest countdown program we can find on New Year’s Eve. We’ve watched greatest one-hit wonders, greatest sitcom moments, and best hits of the 80s. Very cheesy, and very fun. And there’s champagne involved, of course.


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