Signing Off

The errands have been culled to manageable levels. Gift cards for teachers and therapists? Done. Food shopping at Fairway? Done. Cookies UPS-ed to the aunties and uncles? Done. Presents for children, husband, in-laws, parents, nieces? Done. Bathtub scrubbed? Done. New Year's Cards ordered? Done. Christmas Eve menu finalized? Done.

Tomorrow, I'll cook twelve fish for a small group of twenty. We're adding a seafood risotto this year, and the hubby is excited. 

Right now, I'm quite happy to set aside the errands and catch up on all the yummy gossip. Look Tiger Woods is getting a divorce. Oooh. And Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins split up. The tox-screen from Brittany Murphy is coming soon. 

I'm signing off for a few days. If you celebrate Christmas, enjoy. If you don't, enjoy the empty theaters and take out Chinese food.


10 thoughts on “Signing Off

  1. New Years Cards? Adopting a Japanese tradition? Or just giving up trying to get them into the mail on time?
    Have a great holiday. We don’t celebrate Christmas, but, have, unfortunately, found that theaters are not nearly as empty as they used to be. We’ll be looking for Chinese food, though.


  2. We’re all done as of today; every family tradition and to-do list finalized and checked off. Now it’s just a matter of counting down the hours. Maybe we’ll take the kids to a matinee later, as we hope the freezing rain outside turns to snow.
    Merry Christmas, one and all!


  3. Merry Christmas! We’re done with all the major stuff here, too except wrapping some presents. We will go visit my FIL in his nursing home this afternoon then go to LaSallette to see the lights (our Xmas Eve tradition, started when the kids were younger to get them some fresh air and a place to run around and get out some energy so they’d go to sleep).


  4. My husband got our tree yesterday, $10 marked down from $45 at Walmart. Our family tradition is playing chicken with the tree sellers, seeing how inexpensively we can get ours. We have had some close calls. This time, our tree shows tell-tale signs of having been recycled (traces of decorations, etc.).
    We follow a streamlined version of the meatless Polish Vigilia (Christmas Eve), which as I’ve mentioned before, calls for carp. My in-laws adapted it to Canada by switching to salmon. At our house today, we’ll be cooking catfish.


  5. Have happy holidays, Laura. As for us, we don’t celebrate Christmas but will be going (tomorrow morning) on a long flight to my parents, who do. Because of this we’re behind and will also be behind for celebrating the new year, something we do do. Too bad. Still, if the flights go smoothly it should be fine.
    Best wishes for a happy and productive new year.


  6. Merry Christmas! Still to do: blouse or sweater at Saks for Mrs. Y81, make pecan pie (Mrs. Y81 makes the actual dinner), finish wrapping presents, replace defective strand of lights on tree (which is otherwise completely decorated). I really don’t think there is anything else, which is pretty good.
    We have Danish Christmas (except the pecan pie isn’t really Danish), i.e., we have herring hors d’oeuvres and dinner of pork tenderloin, candied potatoes, cabbage, brunekager for dessert.


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