Who’s Your Daddy?

0_dc764c09-3b22-4740-9652-2578fe83ef03(1) John Edwards is your daddy.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Flanagan. I’ll check it out. Got nailed with a stomach virus and am limping around here. Blogging will have to resume sunday night.


  2. Well,and the Tierney piece that says that women prefer attached men (based on a college student survey — women were shown pictures of the same man, with the same profile; 1/2 the women were told the men were “attached”, the other half that they weren’t. Women prefered the man when he was “attached.”)
    Parker & Burkley (2009) “Who’s chasing whom? The impact of gender and relationship status on mate poaching.” J Exp Social Psych. 45:1016-1019.
    (BTW, men were unaffected by the women’s attachment.)


  3. John Edwards had a predecessor, in 1803: 1803
    -John Randolph of Virginia, Jefferson’s leader in the House of Representatives, set tongues to wagging with his announcement that he had fathered an illegitimate child. This was all the more unusual because of Randolph’s unique personality. His beardless face and shrill soprano voice, the result of a childhood disease, brought unending taunts which had forced him into numerous duels. Unmatched for his cutting remarks, he once shot back at someone who had ridiculed him on his so-called lack of virility: “You pride yourself upon an animal faculty in respect to which the Negro is your equal and the jackass infinitely your superior!” It was he who characterized Edward Livingstone, his political enemy thus: “He shines and stinks like rotten mackerel by moonlight!”


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