Question of the Day – Favorite John Hughes Movie

We really need to take note of the passing of John Hughes.

It was the 1980s. I raided the thrift store for men's jackets. I would roll up the sleeves and pair it with capris and flats. My hair was big. My earrings were big. My sister and I ran into Molly Ringwald at Unique, a store on Broadway and 8th. We stalked her for a while as she tried to hide behind her frizzy red hair. I bought my albums — XTC, Morrisey, REM — at Tower Records just down the block.

It's hard to say if we were influenced by Hughes or if he was influenced by us, but, whatever, we loved him. (Nice op-ed by Ringwald about Hughes.)

Question of the Day — What were the best scenes from John Hughes' films? My favorites include, Judd Nelson's turkey pot pie rant in The Breakfast Club, the suburban lawn mower dance in She's Having a Baby, and every Andrew McCarthy scene in St. Elmo's Fire.


5 thoughts on “Question of the Day – Favorite John Hughes Movie

  1. I didn’t like She’s Having a Baby. Or maybe I have it mixed up with Nine Months. Cheesy as it is, I like the scene where Rob Lowe does the aerosol can fire thing with Demi Moore, explaining what St. Elmo’s Fire is.
    And Every. Single. Anthony Michael Hall. Scene. In 16 Candles, which is still my favorite John Hughes movie.


  2. 16 Candles, the scene with the geeks in the bathroom with Molly’s underwear.
    The “Cameron, get out of bed” phone call scene from Ferris Bueller.
    Anthony Michael Hall referring to himself and the other “children” in the physics club in Breakfast Club.


  3. Hughes didn’t direct it, but he wrote it — Some Kind of Wonderful. I love the kiss scene where Watts teaches Keith how to kiss.
    And I’m a huge sucker for Pretty in Pink — my favorite Hughes movie. And the best soundtrack to boot.


  4. Laura, you have failed to recognize Hughes for what his real appellation is (in my eyes, of course): “Director of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and some other stuff.”


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