The Real School Wars, Part One: Should We Play the Blame Game?

There are two big fights going on in education right now, and they have nothing to do with CRT or gender or books. The first is about accountability over school closures. Talked about that today. The second is about curriculum. That will happen later.

If you’re not helping your seven-year old with a math worksheet at the dinner table, never actually attended a school board meeting or a PTA meeting, talked with a teacher with 20 years of experience, or looked at your school’s performance on test scores, you probably have a very skewed picture of what’s going on in America’s schools. 

If you only learn about school issues from New York Times or a 5-minute segment on the evening news, you are a football field away from America’s classrooms and children. You likely believe that the politics around schools is largely a Marvel-style fight between good and evil, a battle between progressive truth and the dark forces of greed and inequality.

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3 thoughts on “The Real School Wars, Part One: Should We Play the Blame Game?

  1. “My litmus test when it comes to making choices about education politics is always, “what’s best for kids?”” Well yours maybe. Weingarten’s seems to be “what’s best for the teachers?”. And, subject to teachers doing nicely, she would like things to go well for the kids


  2. Weingarten’s seems to be “what’s best for the teachers?”

    Well, um, yes. That is quite literally her job.


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