Spring Stories

The bathrooms are done. Or 95% done. We still need to install some light fixtures that were on back order. It was an expensive project, because the previous contractor, who installed one of the bathrooms in the 80s, had drilled pipes through important structure beams, the subfloor had rotted out, and things were more of a mess than we had envisioned. I’ll share pictures in a couple of weeks, when it’s all 100 percent done.

When all that work was going on, I was the point person for the contractor. I had to make snap decisions about mirrors, grout, and toilet paper holder placement. When we started this job, I was having fun with these choices, but by the end, my girlie energy was completely depleted. Did I care where he put the damn towel rod? No, I did not.

With workers in my house from 8-5 every day for six weeks, I cowered in my office, but with low productivity. With all the interruptions and banging, I didn’t get much work done.

Yesterday, I did the last of the bathroom chores – ordered bathmats and returned unused items – so now it’s time to get to work. I must do some serious hustling to pay for the bathroom. Luckily, the end of this job coincides with some lovely spring weather. When I’m out for my run/walk this afternoon, I’ll be writing up some stories in my head.


5 thoughts on “Spring Stories

  1. That looks great. I still haven’t called anyone for ours because I’m not eager to see if they can accurately estimate how long it takes to redo our only full bath.


  2. We had our upstairs bathroom redone last year to update its 1961 everything. It’s true that the most expensive room per square foot in a house to renovate is that room. Worth it in the long run to have all new plumbing throughout our house, too. Did basement at same time. I bet you’re glad you don’t have to make up your mind about objects you didn’t really know existed. Ours was door hinge color and shape.


  3. That’s a lovely vanity. We have one of those stupid vessel/bowl sinks that I can’t wait to get rid of.


    1. I bought it from the Home Depot website. Not sure that I would recommend it though, because it doesn’t feel very sturdy. I love the look, but might have spend a couple hundred more for something a tad better.


  4. That looks so peaceful! Hope you can enjoy it as the memory of the reno fades. Having solid joists is always a good.


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