Always At Work

We had a meeting with a job coach at the local Starbucks at 4:00, but he didn’t show up. I’m reading the royal gossip websites. Ian is doing this…

I don’t know what Ian is doing or why. He doesn’t like to talk about his work, but whatever it is keeps him busy all day. Week 3 of college and he has a 100% average.


2 thoughts on “Always At Work

  1. Whoo!

    Today, I just learned that one of my kids wants to try to use flexible 3D printer filament to build a snake robot. He’s started working on the tummy.

    His big school engineering project is a machine that is supposed to shoot badminton birdies.


  2. Very cool that the college class is going well!

    My kiddo is also taking a CS class and takes pictures of his code occasionally for some purpose or another and sent the picture when he sent me other pictures (accidentally, I think).

    I’ve done a lot of programming, but cannot understand the “cabbage” in his code. I don’t think he’s doing the wolfgoatcabbage problem, but, I do enjoy when the kids know things I don’t.


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