New Year’s Resolutions

The whole concept of New Year’s resolutions is problematic. It’s a racket drummed up by diet apps, gyms, and magazines as a way to part you from your money. It’s morning TV filler. It’s slogans and ultimately self esteem killers.

That said, I have some ideas for you!

We made some major lifestyle changes during Covid, because we were stuck at home for so long. And some of those changes were keepers — the five day menu, outdoor exercise, selling things on the Internet, and weekend adventures. No money involved! Super healthy! And with planning and routine, they save time, too.

My resolution this year is to not slip back to old ways and to maintain those habits. Few writing obligations this week, so I’ll do one blog post a day about these lifestyle choices.

Picture: April 7, 2020. I had to learn how to do large grocery shopping once a week.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Looking forward to your description of intentional choices for the new year.

    The Word Genius word of the day today is “Velleity”: “A wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action”. I’m pretty good at avoiding that by not making intentions to robust, but I do want to think of some intentions that I am willing to turn into action. I think many “resolutions” turn into guilt quickly, because they were always only velleity. I think yours won’t, because they already are actions.

    I remember that that post with large shopping sent me off to clean our pantry and then to do my big orders and try to organize them.

    I can think of two good habits we developed: spouse started swimming every day and kiddos learned to trim their activities to the more important ones to them and I started going to flower markets.


  2. My mom is taking pictures of her mementos in her memento cabinet and writing a few words about the, where and when they are from and texting them to us. Her first was a present her three girls got her when we were quite young, with saved allowance and walking to the store (a Hallmark figurine). Her note reminded me of the excitement we felt about getting that gift for her.

    My mom & dad did a significant amount of travel in their 40s and 50s, with sponsored university groups to off the beaten track places (like Libya) and to visit my dad’s former students and some of the mementos were acquired in those places and I look forward to hearing about them.


  3. I only do fun things as New Year’s resolutions. For example, in 2020, my resolution was to eat out more (ha ha ha ha!). This year I plan to tour all the nearby civil war battlefields and go to more live music.


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