Hot Links and Brief Thoughts, November 16, 2022

Some day yesterday. Putin almost triggered WWWIII and that fruitcake announced another run for the presidency.

From the Marie Kondo profile in the New York Times: “Her own ideal lifestyle involves daily yoga, herbal tea breaks, time with her three young children and the opportunity, when she can grab it, to scrub the floor on her hands and knees.”

I’m continue to create content on my disability newsletter. I’m not going to post those links here, because I’ve changed things up and am only talking to parents with disabled kids. Not for a general audience at all.

Watching: Drezner also loved Andor. Watch it even if you aren’t a #boymom.

Traveling: I had a really nice meal in this restaurant last weekend. Lots of plans this weekend with girlfriends in New York City and Newark. I’ll share later.


One thought on “Hot Links and Brief Thoughts, November 16, 2022

  1. For Laura’s British Royal habit:

    This is a piece on the history of Elizabeth’s courtship with Phillip. There’s some stuff I didn’t know, namely how the British popular press and public felt that they ought to be able to veto the relationship with “the Greek prince.”


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