Links October 20, 2022

Really loved this interview with Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile. Carlile is one of my Spotify favorites.

Liz Truss is out. The UK is a mess right now.

First known Neanderthal family found in a Russian cave. They most likely died around the same time of starvation. A tragedy from ten thousand years ago. An echo of sadness.

Reading instruction in this country is awful, especially for children with dyslexia. There are too many charlatans making a big buck by selling our schools snake oil. At some point, I’ll have to write about “consultants” and “education experts.” Math curriculum needs work, too.

Watching: Andor, The Rings of Power, Reservation Dogs S2

6 thoughts on “Links October 20, 2022

  1. Watching: Candice Renoir, divorced French police detective mom.

    It’s much better than this trailer. In the first season, Candice is back on the force in a charming southern seaside town after a 10 year break. She’s (very relatably) trying to to fake it at her job while attempting to unpack from an overseas move and occasionally check in with her 4 somewhat feral children.

    Recommended to everybody who loves non-US cop shows and/or took French in high school.


    1. Yes, eye rolling.

      What he doesn’t include in the article is the level of intensive parenting available to some and the damage at those levels and, the competitive nature of intensive parenting at those levels. That makes the argument that kids need intense parenting as a rationale for more community support rather untenable and a bit illogical.


    2. And only one child, too. His twin data clarifications are interesting but he’s definitely using one kid as his sample, personally, confirming his biases on the role of parenting in shaping children.


      1. I’m not clear at where he draws the line to define “intensive” parenting. It obviously does not include “raised by wolves,” but from the article it seems anything parents do could be seen as “intensive.”

        I think he and his wife should have more children. It’s easy to believe anything with only one child, especially if you have a book to sell.


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