Links October 18, 2022

On a permanent diet, I’m eating pasta to once-a-month treat. Therefore, I want to make all these recipes.

I am completely obsessed with the midterm elections right now. Listened to the Pod Save America podcast about the midterms on this morning’s walk.

A broken boiler, electrical repair in the kitchen, and all sorts of various boy expenses are adding up. We’re definitely keeping an eye on money issues right now. If we’re getting hit hard by the economy in our home with a fixed rate mortgage, others are in deep pain. People are mad and are — fairly or not — blaming Democrats. The New York Times reported that Americans think that our Democracy is in trouble, but they will vote based on the economy. Maybe because everybody has their own reason why they believe that democracy is in peril.

Who wants to live in an Irish Castle? I DO!

One thought on “Links October 18, 2022

  1. House will be Reep. Big margin or small? Small is probably a bigger lurch, because the most extreme will have more power. Senate? Trump has certainly been the Dems’ best friend, with the looney tunes candidates he has parachuted in. Biden seems like our Chernenko, with his inability to adapt.


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