LINKS October 6, 2022

Great reporting from the The Hechinger Report about that many schools send kids with disabilities home, rather than supporting them or providing them with support. That’s the old “Return To Sender” trick. I comment more about all the problems with special ed on twitter, but right now, I’m very worried about public schools. Inflation is causing MASSIVE and underreported problems. Parents are silent quitting public schools.

The Russian bot farms “further widen existing divisions in the American public and decrease our faith and trust in institutions that help maintain a strong democracy.” They certainly helped stir up the pot during the BLM marches. And I’m convinced that they’ve been behind all of the extreme comments about the British Royal Family.

Sometimes I get bored and post gossip links on Twitter. Thread.

Make time for yourself today. Go for a long walk.

3 thoughts on “LINKS October 6, 2022

    1. I think that’s the point and the danger:

      “to gather evidence of conditions in the United States for a project to destabilize its political system and society, using the rather improbable weapon of millions of social-media posts.”

      I have no idea what we do about it, especially when the companies that run the social media they are exploiting benefit from the bots and the political and social carnage they create.


  1. I think the quitting of public schools you are reporting on and the under-resourcing of special education (which I believe is the story behind the removals) are connected.

    The only comment at the Hechinger report says “If a child shows evidence or behavior that makes him a risk to harm himself or others, they should be removed for the protection of the students around them.” and then suggests that it’s the parents responsibility to fix the problem (which, of course, it is not, because the federal law requires the school to provide the appropriate education).

    But if schools do not have the staff to support the child, the law won’t matter. If the students are kept in the classroom without the support, the other students in the classroom who can leave will leave. Theoretically that could leave enough money to support the children with support needs, but I’m guessing not for all the reasons that we believe in inclusion.

    That’s why I thinking fully funding IDEA is vital to the future of public schools (and, I hope, not impossible, because it might be done through budget reconciliation, I think). Though, not if congress or the presidency is in Republican control.


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