Royal Mess: What’s Going to Happen With the Truth-bombs?

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The Sussex Squad, as they call themselves on social media, are the ride-or-die fans of Meghan Markle. They, along with the equally crazed fans of Will and Kate, are worth a blog post of their own, but today I’m just going to focus on one of their big claims. They say that the royal family, the British journalists, and the entire country of Britain hate Meghan because she’s black. However, all the evidence shows that Meghan and Harry’s truth bombs imploded in their faces.

When Meghan and Harry got married in May 2018, they were extremely popular in Britain and the world. Worldwide, 1.9 billion people watched their wedding. In the US,. 29.2 million people watched their wedding, compared to 22.8 million for Will and Kate. In Britain, their wedding wasn’t watched as much as other royal weddings, but it still had 11.5 million viewers. I watched the wedding, which was remarkable, because I had exactly zero interest in the royal family at that time.

Then Megexit happened. Meghan and Harry wanted to be free and fly away to develop a $ brand as world-wide doers of good and compassion. And they also wanted to stay in the royal castles and strut around in their silly uniforms and crazy hats. They spent months hatching a plan, along with Meghan’s LA PR team that she never dismissed. Their plan to combine royal duties with their own business dealings was so well thought out that someone on their team even wrote their plan out on the website. All this done before consulting the Queen.

Their plans are still on their old website, which strangely enough, was never deleted. It’s a sad monument to a plan gone awry. A dead dream.

The Queen, Charles, and William were blindsided by these plans, which were leaked to the press. A bunch of hurried last minute meetings happened, where the Queen basically said no. She didn’t want people using the royal name to create their own brand, which would be monetized for personal profit. Their plans to be part-time royals were dismissed. Harry lost his shiny uniform, patronages, and polo ponies. And they raced off in a plane of shame to Canada.

Harry and Meghan were pissed, so they called up Oprah, who had been pestering them for an interview since she met them at their wedding. This takes us March 2021, and by that time, my admittedly bizarre interest in the royal family was in full bloom. I began blogging about it then.

Meghan said that UK press portrayed her as a bad guy. The massive staff that supports the royal family — called “the firm” by Princess Di — didn’t protect her and, in fact, leaked info to the press. All the pressure from the press made her depressed, so she wanted to kill herself, but she claimed that the firm wouldn’t allow her to get medical care. She was pissed that she and Harry weren’t allowed to be half in/half out royals.

In other words, she first paints the bad guys as the press and the “firm.” She mentions that someone in the family made a comment about Archie’s skin tone, but it was a side point. Later, she said that she was surprised that the headlines were about race, because she was, at first, most angry about other stuff.

In that 85 minute “bombshell” interview, Meghan and Harry gave many more “truth bombs” — the wikipedia page had a nice summary. Some of their claims were later proven to be untrue, like they said that they were actually married three days before their televised wedding. Yeah, they didn’t happen. Their claims, regardless of their veracity, were sensational and portrayed the royals, who like to keep a very firm line between their public and private lives, in a negative light.

It was big news and very lucrative. Oprah got $9 million in licensing fees. Harry and Meghan had already deals with Netflix and Spotify, but other deals were in the works. In July, he signed a $20 million deal with Random House to produce more truth bombs. But exposing the family’s dirty linens had a major downside, too.

Until Megexit and Oprah, Meghan and Harry were very popular in Britain. Prince Harry used to enjoy sky-high popularity ratings in Britain, with up to 81 percent of the country viewing him positively at the time of his wedding in May 2018, according to YouGov. She too was liked by 55 percent of the British public in October 2019. Now, only 24 percent of Brits like Harry and 25 percent like Meghan. Among the royals, only Prince Andrew is less popular than Meghan among adult Brits.

The drop in their popularity in Britain after their wedding shows a pretty strong correlation to their exit and Oprah. In other words, race wasn’t the big issue as the Sussex Squad likes to make out.

So, are truth bombs a good move? Do they bring wealth and independence for the couple? What should they do about their podcasts and memoirs that are reportedly full of more unsavory info about their relatives.

Meghan’s released three podcasts this month, and was all set to release another seven. They were paused. Harry’s memoir was supposed to be released later this year or early next year. I haven’t heard much about the reality show that their doing with Netflix, but they are certainly truth-bombs in there, too, because that’s all that poor Harry and Meghan have to sell. Nobody is interested in their rescue chickens.

In short, there are at least $100 million dollars worth of truth-bombs just sitting on a shelf. Random House, Netflix, and Spotify. While truth bombs may not have made Harry and Meghan very well-liked, people still want to read them. Villains are more interesting than heroes, after all. With the unbelievable world-wide interest in the monarchy at the moment — 1 million people are expected in London for her funeral — their truth bombs could be worth billions. And at the same time, these rude comments about their family — at this point, the entire world considers them family, too — will make them hated beyond belief.

With all this pro-crown sentiment in the air, Oprah is currently trying to distance herself from her “bombshell” interview, while behind the scenes saying something different. The rumor mill has conflictual info about the status of their projects: Some say Harry is reportedly tried to push up the date of his memoir; others say there will be a delay. Some say Meghan is desperate to re-record her Spotify podcasts. It’s unclear how much scorched earth is in his Harry’s memoir. His ghostwriter may have jumped out of the project, but who really knows.

More to come…

8 thoughts on “Royal Mess: What’s Going to Happen With the Truth-bombs?

  1. Every Shakespeare play suggests that fooling around with monarchies is never a good idea. I think all involved are finding that out. Thanks for taking such a comprehensive look at all this. You help me understand what’s going on–I could never keep up with this on my own!

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  2. What blows me away about all of this is the short-term thinking that characterizes H&M. Now, H is the not-too-bright son of a not-too-bright (though highly charismatic) mother. But I expect better from M – after all, she has the reputation of being goal-focused and working, schmoozing and manipulating to get what she wants. Really, it seems as though she just doesn’t do her homework – over any of this RF relationship stuff.

    And, as for Oprah. Her credibility as a journalist took a major knock over the bombshell interview. She didn’t challenge a single thing that M said – no matter how unbelievable, even those which were later proved to be lies.

    I don’t believe for one minute that Meghan experienced serious racism in Britain. That’s not to say that the old money aristocracy aren’t racist (a lot of them are) – but they were not the people she was mixing with. The crowd that she was interested in were the Beckhams, etc – who are really only interested in celebrity status – not race. And the scripted events (opening nights, etc) were all filled with adoring (at that stage) fans. Yes, there was some nasty press coverage. Suck it up, buttercup – all celebrities get bad press. Develop a thicker skin (or stop reading the press coverage), and move on. How do you think the Kardashians cope!

    That IMO is why she initially didn’t make a big thing of the racism – she had almost zero material to work with. She was much more interested in the sexism aspect (or, more accurately, the why Meghan didn’t get her own way, aspect) – where she had a lot of examples where she ‘wasn’t listened to’ (i.e. didn’t get her own way). For example, there was a formal process to release Instagram pictures (rather than her preferred method of leaking them through a favoured private source). Diddums.

    M really never seems to have grasped that you can carry out actions as a private individual (even ones which are borderline ethical), which you can *not* do as a public figure. Her attitude towards ‘freebie’ designer clothes is a telling example. This spells a death knell for any political ambitions she might hold (not that I think the American people are so silly as to vote for her)


    1. I have given this whole farrago less attention than have many here. But, well ‘history does not repeat, but it often rhymes’ and I see her as Wallis Warfield Simpson and him as Edward VIII. Obsessed weak fool somehow unable to see where this will lead, or tragic hero giving all for love? Do I have to choose?


  3. More royal gossip.

    Looks as though Charles is holding firm. Archie and Lilibet will not get HRH titles – though they will be given letters patent to style themselves as Prince/Princess. M&H are reportedly ‘furious’,

    I suspect that the letters patent won’t be issued until Charles sees what happens with the book…..

    M&H are pointing indignantly to Eugenie & Beatrice (given HRH titles as infants) – ignoring the fact that this was 30 odd years ago (before the desire to slim down the monarchy), and that this was a gift by QE2 to her favourite child (Andrew). Neither of which is true for the children of M&H
    [NB: Anne was utterly adamant that her children should not have titles at all, and Edward wanted only the courtesy titles which come from his title of Earl – not prince/princess]

    Perhaps this why Meghan has been ‘participating’ in the elements of royal life which she apparently finds so distasteful (public walk-arounds, etc.) – trying to butter up Charles to get what she wants.

    If I were Charles, I’d be very tempted to say that since they will be living in the US, he feels it’s inappropriate for him (as a foreign monarch) to give American citizens titles.


    1. I really don’t get the HRH stuff. Why do they care about that? Especially since they’re living here. Are their classmates actually going to call them Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie? Just crazy.


      1. Laura, I think you do better assessing the situation by going in with the question: “What does Markle think will make her the most money between now and when the whole grift goes up in smoke” than by assuming some kind of good faith belief about what is due them.


    1. It’s only M&H who claim that HRH has anything to do with security. And, as seems typical, they’re spinning this for their own purposes.

      The protection teams which work for the RF, assess risk based on profile and activity. So some people are inherently higher risk than others (e.g. Charles as King, is a higher status/risk target than Princess Michael of Kent). And only people who are ‘working royals’ are assigned security at all. People like Beatrice and Eugenie (both HRH), have security only when they are carrying out actual royal duties (or with other members of the RF who get 24/7 coverage, or while living in protected areas – like Kensington Palace, or Windsor Castle).

      Harry packed a sad when he was told that as a non-working Royal, he and his family no longer qualified for protection (especially as the costs were about 10x the usual, since he wasn’t resident in the UK). He’s been trying to re-litigate this ever since.
      But, even if KC3 relented and gave Archie and Lilibet HRH titles/status – they still wouldn’t qualify for royal protection. [And nor should they]

      The only conceivable reason that Meghan is keen is status. HRH automatically have precedence over other titles – and she is status obsessed.

      She, and to some extent H, seems to want to create a RF in exile in the States. I don’t know how happy Americans should be about this – didn’t you guys have a war a couple of hundred years ago to get rid of royalty? /sarc/

      And, so far as risk goes – *not* having a title is a much better strategy in lowering the risk. Princess Anne’s children (no titles) have never had anything like the risk profile that she’s had (actually being in an attempted kidnapping).
      Archie and Lili actually have titles already – courtesy titles from Harry’s dukedom (Earl of Dumbarton & Lady Lilibet) – which they don’t use. So why all this fuss over Prince/Princess titles? It can only be about Meghan. And, why is this not a surprise? /sarc/


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