Links August 30, 2022

I’m going to listen to The Daily’s podcast about teens and mental health on my afternoon walk.

Jackson, Mississippi’s water is undrinkable, so the schools have to close and go virtual this year. So much tragedy.

I continue to follow the student loan debate. Lots of interesting commentary from Dynarski, Leonhardt, and McArdle. I said my share on this blog post and comments. I have also been tweeting about better reforms for higher education.

As the Queen lies dying, Meghan and Harry are giving one tone-deaf interview after another. Her latest interview with The Cut is actually a hoot. Check out some of the highlights in this Twitter thread. How can she ever step foot in Britain again?

Why did Trump keep a file on Macron’s (problematic) sex life? What was he going to do with it?

Shopping: Birkenstock in fall? Um, yes! I’m shopping for purple ones.

Picture: Quebec City, Quebec. (I need to share more of those pictures.)

2 thoughts on “Links August 30, 2022


    Nolan Peterson has a very nice piece on September 1 (the traditional first day of school) in Ukraine this year.

    “In preparation for the coming academic year, Ukrainian lawmakers passed a law over the summer creating new national educational standards. According to the measure, all classes will be online in places under Russian occupation or on the front lines of the land war. Throughout the rest of Ukraine, parents have the choice of their child attending in-person classes or participating in “distance learning” via computer video feeds.

    “Each child attending in-person instruction is now required by law to bring a bug-out bag to class. According to the new wartime education standards, classes will continue within bomb shelters in case of air raid alerts.”

    I’ve read that in occupied areas, a lot of Ukrainian teachers are refusing to go back to the classroom and teach in Russian and according to the Russian Federation curriculum, and the Russian occupation authorities have been trying to recruit Russian teachers to come work in Ukraine.


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