Links August 23, 2022

We like to go to upstate New York on weekends. (Camping trip this weekend.) But folks like us, especially those who have been buying up the cheap houses up there, have made the area unaffordable to regular folks who work up there. Rural gentrification is a COVID thing.

Another casualty from the pandemic are live music shows. Go to a concert, people!

There was a greater magnetic force of people’s couches than I, as a producer, anticipated,” said Jeremy Blocker, the managing director at New York Theater Workshop, the Off Broadway theater that developed “Rent” and “Hadestown.” “People got used to not going places during the pandemic, and we’re going to struggle with that for a few years.”

I want to spend my Sundays like Alice Feiring.

I’ve got a casual business thing in the city tomorrow. Outfit: Skinny shiny skirt in camel, black knit top from Zara, and gladiator sandals. And a bag for the bus.

I’m kinda fascinated by the Instagram influencer: Tinx. Look at her stories, not just her posts. She posts CONSTANTLY. Her California style is totally not my own. I don’t like her clothes and her makeup, but she so damn prolific and hard working. I click on her stories, whenever I’m killing time on Insta.

It was also on Insta that I found out that Dooce had a meltdown last week. Her daughter is making some gender changes, and she wrote a rant about it on her blog. Then she deleted it. People are still yelling at her on Instagram about it. She’s had a lot of problems. It’s hard to watch someone’s life degenerate online.

I do kinda love that I’m seeing teenage girls with short hair again. Are they all making a gender statement? Or is it just fashion?

At some point, we’re going to have to talk about Trump and Liz Cheney. But today is not that day.

PHOTO: Dinner with the girls.

One thought on “Links August 23, 2022

  1. Oh dear short hair on teenage girls? What will happen to the bajillion flat irons my nieces have?

    I’ve been struggling myself with the desire to stay home on the couch. I did see Tears for Fears earlier this summer and they were great! Audience of graying Gen X folks some with the next generation of fans amused me.

    Some bands from my “era” still have great shows Violent Femmes were amazing – over the years they have gone way beyond the punk of their 80s music and had a horn section and even kids on stage. Meanwhile Echo and the Bunnymen were phoning it in.


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