Just Links Today: Links and Pictures of Beer

I spit out my Friday newsletter yesterday — a day early — after an Op-Ed in the WaPopushed my buttons. Today, I’m in a much better mood despite the death-ray-heat-wave. I sweat out a two-mile run this morning, while listening to the Kesha and Pink on the running Spotify playlist, and the endorphins are still buzzing through my veins right now. 

Here is yesterday’s political rant, in case you want to check it out…

Today’s newsletter has links — some new and some content was already on this blog.

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2 thoughts on “Just Links Today: Links and Pictures of Beer

    1. I saw that. Totally cringe. The NY Post covered it, but people aren’t paying attention to them anymore. I think things are going to end very badly.

      The rumor mill said that there was a big, blow out fight in their hotel room the night before the speech. She was yelling at him because she wanted to be on stage during the speech.

      Another gossip rag hired a lip reader, who said that after H went back to his seat, he asked her, “I think it went well.” She said, “It could have been better.”


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