LINKS July 11, 2022

Hey, all! Sunday’s farmers market veggies are in the blender with some frozen blueberries. Had an acceptable run. And I have four hours to get work done before I start driving Ian to his various therapy appointments. All is good. I am about to start a new project — something about how schools can’t solve America’s mental health crisis. Let me share some links first.

The NY Post had a huge article saying that Jefferson was cancelled from the Monticello. And, look! I wrote about the same thing a couple of months ago.

Covid learning loss is a global disaster.

Echoing my last newsletter, Tom Nichols in the Atlantic writes that Americans with their everyday acts of goodness and normality will help the country survive this momentary chaos.

Latinos, particularly Cubans, are not a sure-thing for Democrats. Their willingness to vote for Trump, over Biden, is quite concerning.

Watching: Ian and his friends loved Thor. Steve and I were amused. It was better than Top Gun.

Adventuring: Last week’s bike trip was cool. Pictures soon. This coming weekend, Steve and I are going away on our own without our sidekick. WOOOOOTTTT. We love Ian, but it’s sometime good to have some alone time. Jonah’s here to watch Ian, so we’re going to spend the weekend at a hipster motel in the Catskills. Starting to plan a trip to Montreal and Quebec City for August.

Cooking: Everything is about the farmer’s market right now. Steve make pork chops on the grill with a top notch spice rub. I boiled some new potatoes and then put them in a bowl with butter (put the hot potatoes on top of the cold butter), sea salt, and rosemary from the garden. Chopped dill in sour cream on the side. Grilled squash. Roasted orange and purple carrots. Fresh lettuce. All super simple. Mostly flavored with olive oil, salt, and love.

One thought on “LINKS July 11, 2022

  1. Good to see your Thor IV reviews. I stumbled on a flimie review that panned it in our local newspaper and described it as “content” not a movie. I’m not a Marvel aficianado, so I can’t know whether I’d enjoy it, but am now aware that the author of the review was potentially not the target audience (say, complaining that people don’t stay dead).


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