What’s Going On Around Here?

By this spring I expected that I would have fewer responsibilities for Ian – the pandemic shutdowns are over, and he should have transitioned to post-high school life — so I could work outside the home. I’m a little itchy to get into an office again.

That freedom hasn’t not happened yet. Hiring legal support certainly took a huge burden off my shoulders, but I still have an hour or two of work to do every morning, and lots of driving every every afternoon. So, work from home continues. It’s fine. I have a great blend of jobs and activities that keep my brain going and a little money coming in. And the lawyer will handle the rest.

In general, mornings are for newsletters/blogs, running, and probably a return to freelance writing (I am terrible at saying no). The afternoons and weekends are blocked out for building my book business and helping Ian. Steve’s working too much right now — the less said about that, the better — but he’s is making time for growing his little seeds and filling out his ancestral tree. We’re both in the process of getting in shape for spring 5K races and planning out many camping trips for the spring. If the book business continues to thrive, I might hire help and go pro.

One thought on “What’s Going On Around Here?

  1. Love the lettuce joy! We woke up to sunshine for the first time in many days (we’ve had sun breaks during the day, but have been in fog and clouds in the morning). Sunshine is good.


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