Travels With Ian: Oh, The Place We Go!

St. Patrick’s Basilica is nestled on one of those winding streets in lower Manhattan, living in strange harmony with modern skyscrapers, three-story brick Victorian townhouses, and cast-iron buildings from the turn of the century. But back when the basilica was built in 1809 none of that was there; it was surrounded by farmland and the country houses of the rich. Later, in 1836, it was defended by Irish Catholics shooting their muskets through through special holes in the walls at the anti-Catholic Know-Nothing nativists, who believed that the priests were raping girls and burning the babies.

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2 thoughts on “Travels With Ian: Oh, The Place We Go!

  1. You had me hooked at the music of the angels!
    Love churches and church architecture – but the music has put this at the top of the list for Sunday morning in New York.

    I wish I could persuade my stroppy teen to go anywhere with me. But, have to say, your version of day trips is streets ahead of mine.

    Have to live vicariously…..

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    1. Also living vicariously. And, it’s good to hear that walking into a random restaurant in New York City sitll yields a fine meal. It is my fondest memory of NYC. That and walking through through Morningside heights towards the Upper West Side and MoMA.

      On the bright side, I just learned that the mountain in my window is made of strawberry cake with buttercream frosting per today’s geological survey 🙂


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