View From the Therapy Waiting Room: When We Do Say “Enough”?

Autism Therapy Room
Autism Therapy Room

Last week, we talked about time. As I tell Jonah, my oldest who approaches his day with ADHD randomness, time is our most precious commodity. I’m always looking at ways to consolidate the amount of time that I spend doing “dumb” Ian chores, while valuing the “good” time that I spend with him. I want to spend less time trading phone calls with therapists, and more time taking him on trips to New York City. 

Today, I’m going to talk about money. 

Ian goes to a public school from 8 to 3, seven hours a day. People think of their public schools as free, but they aren’t really. To live in our school district, there’s a hefty price tag on a home and local taxes. If we didn’t worry about disability services, we could move to a place like Florida with cheaper homes and taxes, but there would be really bad special education schools and meagre adult services. So, living in this town and state is an indirect disability expense.

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