SL 861

I was hoping to do a political blog post this morning, but I haven’t even had a shower yet. Bad news. So, just some links right now. If I complete my chore/work list and conduct some basic grooming, I’ll be back.

Want to see Nancy Pelosi’s new $25 million shore house in Florida?

A report based on focus groups of Biden voters in Virginia is super interesting. Parents cared about school closures, not CRT. Inflation matters a lot to them. They don’t think that the top Democratic issues are going to help them at all. There’s a lot in there. More on this later.

Public education is still not back to normal. I heard one administrator call it Para-Covid, which only makes sense if you are a woman in your 50’s. Staffing is a big issue. Tweens are hurting.

This Friday will be a day of Huge Laziness. Steve and I will get a booster shot in the morning, and then just deal with our low grade fevers by watching the new Hawkeye series on Disney+ with Ian. I’m going to read silly books, too, including the latest in the Outlander series.

The decline in humanities majors in college continues.

PICTURE: My book selling hobby is doing so well that I invested in a shipping label printer.

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