Scenes from the Berkshires

We drove up to the Berkshires in Western Mass to check out a school for Ian. Did that and now we’re checking out the scenery and museums. We’re killing time in the hotel room before dinner, so I’ll share some pictures.

Pictures from Ventfort Hall, The Mount, and the Norman Rockwell museum.

I’m doing this on a cellphone app, so I have no idea how this will look…

3 thoughts on “Scenes from the Berkshires

  1. Love those autumn leaves. One of the things that we really miss in our semi-tropical coastal country.

    And those lovely museums! Also in geek heaven.

    How did the school viewing go? A possibility – or crossed off the list?


  2. It wasn’t entirely crossed off the list, but it was mostly crossed off. It was too isolated in the mountains. He can’t drive because of the epilepsy, so he would be stuck in a snow covered town of 3,000 for most of the year. I think he might be better off with us. And we don’t charge $100,000 per year. (Yes, that’s the full cost of tuition and room and board. We couldn’t afford this on our own. The school district would have to cover most of it.)


    1. Laura wrote, “I think he might be better off with us.”

      Yeah. It doesn’t sound very suitable for helping with entry into adult life in your area.


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