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Yesterday, I drove back to the shore house with my autistic young man and two 84-year old parents. Ian is presently listening to his music and pacing back and forth in the sand. He has a big smile on his face, so it’s fine. My dad already got lost on the beach when he went for a walk on his own. Good thing he took a cellphone. I talked him home. Everybody here is slightly crazy, but in a good way. We’re all walking down the block at 3:00 for $1 oysters and cheap beer.

I’m presently blogging on the beach using the WordPress app on my cellphone. I’ll read comments next.

The big topic of conversation last night was the Wall Street Journal article about how Instagram screws up teen girls. And the company (owned by Facebook) has known about this for ages. It’s like how cigarette companies knew about the connection between lung cancer and smoking, but covered it up for ages. Not only is Facebook evil, but they could be vulnerable to lawsuits in the future.

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      1. Video game music is actually very popular. Spotify has a whole channel for it. God awful stuff. Ian remasters old music from the 80s. Still sounds like crap to me


      2. It’s definitely a thing! My daughter learned to play piano—entirely on her own, off YouTube videos—so she could play video game music. In middle school she went to con with a friend and her parents—dressed as some kind of character, I remember how expensive the costume was!—and there was a piano and everyone stopped to listen to her. And now she’s in music school. Who would have guessed?

        I’m definitely feeling like an old one tonight. About 8 years ago my oldest at 14 wanted a nose piercing, and I asked for advice here at 11d. She got it, but it only lasted half a year. Yesterday my youngest (almost 20)—asked for first on getting a second tattoo. The guest occurred the week after her 18th birthday, practically the minute we had no legal say about it.

        I think just maybe they’re from a different generation.


    1. Love hearing about anything that brings joy to other people (music, the beach, $1 oysters, September)!

      I just stumbled on the The Rolling Stones top 500 list:

      (linked by Alexandra Petri)

      and, I realized 1) I am sitll looking for songs post 1985 or so that I might like on the list and 2) I really don’t know very much about music and 3) music brings a lot of joy to a lot of people.

      I can’t have music on in the background of my life so not a lot of music gets played in my house. That means I don’t really know what my kids like. But I will explore TRS list with them.


  1. Not going to become a player or a fan, but I read this article about video game music with lyrics:

    And now I am suitably impressed with the creativity in modern (and semi-modern) video games. I remember the song “Still Alive” from moons ago when I supervised my kiddos team in a club. Without any knowledge of the game, I remember thinking segments of the song inspiring and playing now brings back memories of that time, when they were littler. But, the graphics/description quickly reminded me of the infinite variety of art forms humans create.


      1. He finds original versions of music on the Internet. Plugs them into music software which turns it into music notes. The older music was recorded badly. He removes fuzzy sounds and makes it just sound better. It’s midi sound engineering. He also composes his original music, but hasn’t done that in awhile.


      2. And, now I’m checking whether the remastering advertised for the Guthrie Columbia River collection is good enough that I need to replace my old copy.


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