SL 847

Timothy Noah’s profile of Barbara Ehrenreich

Nice article in the New York Times about driving through Maine along Route 1. We did a few years ago. (Blog posts herehere, and here.) It was awesome. 

From Tom Couglin in the New York Times, “And to all those who are caring for a loved one, take a break when you need it and don’t be too hard on yourselves. It’s not easy. And for all those wondering how they can help, it’s simple: Don’t forget about the caregivers.”

Reading: I’ve been on a Jojo Moyers kick all summer. Right now, I’m half way through The Giver of Stars. Steve’s reading: Annals of the Former World, by John McFee.

Exercise: I brought my running shoes to Bermuda, but never used them. The streets are too narrow there to safely jog. We did, however, swim for several hours a day. I lost one pound on this vacation. Did three miles this morning, and we’ll do a fun 5K on Sunday evening that ends at a local brewery. Find a race near you here

Drinking: Dark and Stormy’s and Swizzles

Shopping: I started shopping for this vacation two months ago, and actually saved those pretty dresses and swim suits for the trip. It was my own little marshmallow test. What was in my suitcase? Soft flowing dresses, utilitarian bathing suitspassport/vaccine wallets, roll up sun hatcheap kaftans, and flat black sandals.

Picture: We are finishing off the loose ends on our home project on own, because it’s impossible to find people willing to do small jobs. This weekend, we sanded and scraped off the 60 years paint from our iron railing, and then painted it with some nice shiny paint.

Pictures below: Just some other things we did this weekend. Date night drinks and apps at the fancy restaurant. Brunch with family. A 5K race on Sunday evening. (I was on track for a massive PR, but around mile 2, I had to drop out to find a porta-potty. Stupid brunch.)

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    Kids (especially younger kids) got fatter during the pandemic:

    “Overweight or obesity increased among 5- through 11-year-olds from 36.2% to 45.7% during the pandemic, an absolute increase of 8.7% and relative increase of 23.8% compared with the reference period (Table). The absolute increase in overweight or obesity was 5.2% among 12- through 15-year-olds (relative increase, 13.4%) and 3.1% (relative increase, 8.3%) among 16- through 17-year-olds.”

    If childhood obesity translates into adult obesity, pandemic confinement could wind up being very costly in terms of chronic health problems and premature death.


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