What’s Going On Around Here?

What’s going on around here? Why is the Blog-Lady very absent lately?

Well, summers are always busy, because I have to patch together various therapies and activities to keep Ian occupied until September. This summer is worse than ever, because he’s “aged out” of a bunch of things, and in the midst of transitioning into new things. This afternoon, for example, I spent an hour in a therapist’s waiting room.

We’re in the middle of getting new siding and windows on the house. Big project. I couldn’t enter the office today, because the banging was very loud.

I’m determined to exercise every day. I have made that hour a priority for the day, and it’s actually been very liberating. I say “fuck off” to all other responsibilities and run/walk for three miles on the running path in town. I have gotten into good enough shape, so I ran my first 5K in a year and a half last weekend. Did 10 minute miles, thank you very much.

I’ve been doing some work on institutions and housing for disabled people. Had a good interview yesterday. Got another one tomorrow. I’ll write up some information for tomorrow’s newsletter.

My used books have been flying off the shelves, so I have to buy more this weekend.

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  1. Hey! Sorry about this lame post. I’m having some issues with my blog platform. It won’t let me edit anything. I’m going to have to make a phone call in the morning.


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