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Hi all! Just some links today…

People aren’t making babies like they used to. It’s hardly surprising; at this moment, there’s a rather huge gap in the quality of life between my friends who have kids and friends who don’t. As a long time estate sale visitor, the first thing that came to my mind after reading this article were the boxes and boxes of old photographs that no one will want.

A BLM activist in London was just shot in the head.

Living in the Bronx on $100 per week.

Crazy story about sailors trapped on cargo ships.

Old school mommyblogger, Dooce, admits to being an alcoholic.

Starting to pay attention to the Wuhan lab theory.

The gossip bloggers think that Meghan is playing a long game.

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  1. Those gossip sites are weird. They seem so invested in painting her as the evil one of the pair and making sure readers feel sorry for Harry.

    Poor, poor Harry.
    Poor, poor Harry who is a stupid, vicious drunk that likes to beat up sex workers.
    Poor, poor Harry who thinks it’s funny to dress up as a Nazi.

    Yeah, I’m not feeling it.


      1. Honestly, I don’t remember much from when I was 7 or 8 years old. YMMV.

        I do think that at almost 40, it is unbecoming to be complaining about one’s childhood, especially if you were raised with every conceivable luxury. I know a lot about the British royal family from my news-reading habit, but frankly, most of them are boring. The news media á la Oprah feed on emotional distress, but they’re still boring.


  2. I’m not saying I think she’s wonderful. I just don’t think she’s the cause of everything. He was a problem long before she showed up.


      1. Tulip said, “I prefer the more prosaic, “they bring out the worst in each other”.”

        Years ago, I read a (much better than you might think) Dr. Laura marriage book where she described what she called the hit-man wife. The idea is that when a guy has pre-existing beefs with his family-of-origin and then gets married, sometimes it’s to a woman that can help him snip the remaining apron strings connecting him to his family and then take the heat for doing what he actually wanted all along.


      1. “Wow, being an alcoholic sounds like so much work.”

        I know, right? It’s nice to know I am way too lazy to ever become an alcoholic. It would take away from my tv-watching and romance-reading time.


      2. Wendy said, “I know, right? It’s nice to know I am way too lazy to ever become an alcoholic. It would take away from my tv-watching and romance-reading time.”

        It’s bad enough facing the kid inquisition with regard to what happened to the brownies from last night.


  3. This is also interesting:

    Some research was done on CU Boulder student COVID test results.

    “A few “super carriers” with off-the-charts viral loads are likely responsible for the bulk of COVID-19 transmissions, while about half of infected people aren’t contagious at all at the time of diagnosis, suggests a new CU Boulder analysis of more than 72,000 test samples.”

    “A second, related study lends further credence to the idea that viral load, or the amount of virus particles a person carries, drives contagion. It found that only one in five university students who tested positive while living in a residence hall infected their roommate. And their viral load was nearly seven times higher than those who didn’t spread the virus.”

    I’ve seen that figure before elsewhere–that 80% of people who get COVID do not infect anybody.

    “Asymptomatic students in residence halls are required to test weekly, using a free, highly-sensitive saliva-based screening test called RT-qPCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction), which detects and quantifies genetic material from the virus that causes COVID-19.”

    “What is so special about these samples is that they are all from infected people with no symptoms,” said Sarah Sawyer, a “a professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology and senior author of the first study.”

    Sawyer said, “Some of these asymptomatic people are carrying a viral load as high as someone who is intubated with COVID in a hospital bed.”

    “Just 2% of all the COVID-positive individuals at CU Boulder carried 90% of the circulating virus. One student with the highest load carried 5%.”

    Half the students who tested positive had such low viral load that they probably weren’t infectious.


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