Pictures From Easter

Yesterday, we hosted Easter dinner, our first semi-indoor family gathering in over a year. With 19 folks, including some teenagers whose large appetites count for two people, Steve and I cooked all day. Here’s what things looked like: (Click on one of the pictures to start the photo show.)

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  1. Since I was instructed to appreciate the rosemary centerpieces, I did. I am trying to grow rosemary and keep some indoors – we’ll see how that goes. Glad you had a nice family celebration! Fingers crossed that by 7 fishes of Christmas everyone will be inside, unmasked, and healthy.

    I am a fan of buttermilk cornbread but never settled on a specific version; how was Ina Garten’s? I think I’ve made that Martha Stewart mac and cheese.


  2. Well, drama happened. Because that pretty little 15-year old in the first picture just tested positive. Steve and I were supposed to get shots on Friday. If we test positive on Thursday, that’s not happening.

    Meanwhile we have to quarantine. Poor Jonah was supposed to go back to school today. A friend is having a big birthday party tonight that he has to miss. Steve and Ian have off this week and we were going to do some day trips. All that is cancelled. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    My cousin was there with his 2 month old baby. He must be freaking out.


    1. How does the 15 year old think she got COVID? School? After-school sports?

      Good luck. I am guessing that since you were all able to be outdoors a bit, and there was probably good ventilation, that you will all be fine. Crossing my fingers for you all!


    2. Erg, sorry to hear this. Sounds like you were careful and the elders are vaccinated, so fingers crossed it will be fine.


    3. So far, so good here. Except my brother — the dad of my little friend — probably has it, too. He had just gotten the vaccine, but it was probably too soon for full immunity. He’s good a fever and flu-like symptoms.


  3. Sending you the FB care emoji. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well (because the odds are in your favor), but also appreciate your sharing so that we know that low odds doesn’t mean zero risk.

    Emily Oster is developing a risk calculator:

    Don’t entirely understand it, but I think it’s important to understand the odds, both when you decide to do something and when you decide not to (both are decisions, neither is a default). I am risk averse, so I have to be reminded that *not* getting together with family is a choice, too, with costs.


  4. NZ has just announced a travel bubble with Australia (no quarantine or vaccination required for travel between the 2 countries).
    I know *so many people* who are off to see family in Australia (or Aussies coming here for the same reason). And, of course, the tourism based businesses are hoping that this will be enough to stave off the collapse until ‘real’ international tourism can start again.

    Yes we have doom-sayers who are telling us that we’re not vaccinated yet (boy are we not), and that Australia has had more quarantine leakers than we have (about the same actually), and that we should just lock down until it’s ‘safe’ (either 2023 or never for some people).

    But I think that it’s starting to percolate through, even to them, that we can’t live in artificial isolation forever… Humans are social animals – we need to actually spend time with the people we love.


    1. Ann wrote, “NZ has just announced a travel bubble with Australia (no quarantine or vaccination required for travel between the 2 countries).”

      That will be nice for you guys!


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