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Our downstairs family room flooded over the summer. I am almost finished redecorating the room with hand-me-downs and items purchased on Wayfair and Target. I’ll share when we’re done. In the meantime, we’re going to plop down here and watch some TV soon.

Binge-watching: Emily in Paris (we watched one episode and we’re not sure if we’ll continue). The Crown is coming up soon. We’re looking forward to the Queen’s Gambit.

I’m going to read this Corey Robin article on Max Weber later. Also, Obama’s article in the Atlantic.

Made Sheet-pan Tarragon Chicken last night. Four stars.

Do you remember these Fisher-Price toys?

6 thoughts on “SL 810

  1. Queen’s Gambit was ok. The lead actress was very very good, and the fashion was excellent. But it really wasn’t amazing. Looking forward to The Crown as I always do.

    My big you-must-see-this recommendation lately is Ted Lasso, which is inconveniently on Apple TV+. Fortunately, my husband just bought the new iPhone, and a year’s subscription to Apple TV+ came with it.

    Btw, I’ve been in a romance reading lull. I am starting to re-read the Bridgerton books in preparation for the Netflix series coming at Christmas. And the new Netflix series Dash and Lily had me pull out my copy of the book Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and start to re-read it. I may keep going with it tonight.


  2. Binge watched “Girfriends” on Netflix. I have to watch it while doing something else and occasionally mute, but I like it as a picture of a slightly different time.

    I also enjoy anime. Haven’t been able to convince any middle-aged-moms to join me in the interest, but Food Wars, Full Metal Alchemist, Forest Piano were enjoyable and made me think. You have to put up with anime features that are problematic (In Food Wars, women who are enjoying food, for example).


  3. I reorganized my office slightly, after +++ years with the kids spaces sharing my office. Kiddo has set up two workspaces in the basement. So, I thought I could reorganize his 3rd space. I am now craving a velvet loveseat for my office, but am still stuck with a large and very decrepit armchair.

    My spouse complains that I am too attached to cheap furniture. He’s right, because buying investment pieces takes so much more commitment.

    There’s some decent inexpensive stuff, though, and especially now, when we are organizing spaces for times that could change, I think there’s an argument in favor. Your coffee table is nice and hanging the art polishes the space. I’m finding the “rate my room” advice strangely useful to apply. The simple corrections make me see the clutter (cord violations, for example) and think it worthwhile to fix.


  4. I liked the Queen’s Gambit. Now on Borgan – Netflix. In Danish with subtitles. Three seasons.

    So far behind on grading, but my students seem to be taking it in stride. Two or three in each class dealing with covid, either themselves or a close family member.


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