SL 789

Great day here. Chugging through a nice writing project. Had a walk and a run already. Afterwards, I bought some cheap running t-shirts and semolina flour from Amazon.

I sent in a form for my local CSA. Sure, we could go to the farmer’s market, but picking up the veggies might be a fun activity for the boys this summer.

I’m kinda loving this list of shopping fun from BuzzFeed.

My friend Helaine Olen is not a fan of Suze Orman, but this profile is still interesting.

Speaking of interesting stories about dubious people, are you following the Matt Lauer-Ronan Farrow-Ben Smith saga? It’s fun.

Great pictures of Brooklyn.

7 thoughts on “SL 789

  1. Hmh, do I need semolina flour? I guess you are using it for fresh pasta?

    That’s the kind of question that this pandemic has me asking, even though I don’t want to make fresh pasta.


    1. Fresh pasta is a lot of work for a real, but small, improvement in quality. It’s better return on the effort to make the sauce and meatballs at home.


      1. Yeah, that’s why our pasta maker has been in our basement for twenty years. But we’ll do it as a family activity on a Sunday afternoon. It’s like those old Playdough toys that squirt out ribbons of dough in different shapes. And then we’ll eat it!


      2. Laura said, “It’s like those old Playdough toys that squirt out ribbons of dough in different shapes. And then we’ll eat it!”



  2. I saw the Ben Smith story on Ronan Farrow. I find it funny that Smith says he doesn’t make things up, then uses innuendo to suggest he does. That seems like exactly what Smith accuses Farrow of doing.

    I also think Farrow must have another big story that the press has been covering up.


    1. Tulip, there is some speculation that what Farrow is up to is a story on Biden’s history with the ladies, and that this is an attempt to defend Biden. That this makes some sense to me is a real testament to the extent that the press is now a participant in our politics, rather than actually, well, reporting…


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