Looking For Easter (Plague, Day 42, April 14, 2020)

In Irish-Italian families, traditions are very important, particularly the big holidays. Even lapsed Catholics will still show up for church on Easter and Christmas, because that’s how things are done. The girls wear new Mary Janes and gingham dresses. The boys squirm in ties and sweater sets that will be worn exactly once. There are chocolates in the morning and ham with the extended family at 5:00. That’s how it always works.

Except when it doesn’t. In this time of social distancing, we started some new traditions this year, like baking special Italian treats and bread, which were driven to the front steps of extended family. There was church on the TV. There was a spontaneous haircut by Steve, which lopped off about four inches of hair. Oh, well. I have a bob now.

Anyway, I’m pretty exhausted today. So, just a slide show…

4 thoughts on “Looking For Easter (Plague, Day 42, April 14, 2020)

  1. Happy Easter errbody!

    I think your older son looks like his father in these pics.

    I’ve always been a dedicated city dweller, never really wanted a house or yard, a big condo building was just fine thanks… but now? Gimme a big ol’house, yard and garage! … I can hear my neighbors coughing. A lot. There’s the common hallways, elevators to navigate and avoid people in, there’s a lot of work with cardboard boxes and deliveries, that happens in my small apt instead of an outdoor porch or garage.

    I wonder how small the original apt11d would be feeling…


    1. Maybe try The Cure instead:

      “Monday you can stay at home
      Tuesday, Wednesday stay home too
      Or Thursday you can still stay home
      It’s Friday I’m at home”


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