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I’ve been at work since 5am if you count the time when I reached over for my cell phone and started RT-ing tweets. If you believe that only ass-in-the-chair-in-front-of-a-computer time counts, then I started work at 7am. Since y’all are going to be working at home for the foreseeable future, you’re going to have to rethink definitions of “work.” It begins whenever your brain turns on. 

As a professional neurotic, I started freaking out and blogging about this virus ten days ago. Sometimes, we crazy-people aren’t so crazy. Just think about THAT.

In the past ten days, I’ve gone to the supermarket at least ten times. Today, Jonah and I scored the motherlode of toilet paper, so we can poop without worry for quite a long time. I restocked my pantry and here’s how I did it. I sterilized my house, my electronics, and the returning college kid. I filled up my cars with gas and got money out from the ATM.

Work-wise, I finished off an article that has nothing to do with the virus, just to get it off my desk. Not sure about publication date for that one. I’ve been writing op-eds all day. One on special ed kids and this virus will be in USA Today next week. I have two more that I will finish off tonight, after I finish filling you in on the gossip. 

Next week, I’m going to have two kids getting educated from home, while Steve and I work full time. How will this work? Will our wifi survive the onslaught on the bandwidth? I. Just. Don’t. Know. Actually, that’s the topic of the next essay. 

Because I specialize in education policy that’s the first thing I write about, but it isn’t our country’s biggest problems. What’s going to be the impact on our government, if our leaders get sick?  We all know that our 401K plans are in dumpster, but is this temporary? How much pain are we see? 

Now that my kids are home, and I finished all the chores to prepare us for life in the igloo, I can concentrate on everybody else. I’ll be spreading info on Twitter all day. I’ll be writing for publications as long as the editors will tolerate me. I’ll be badgering my folks not to leave the house and not letting my college kid go on a jaunt to Alaska to visit his roommate. (Despite that glitch on his spring break plans, Jonah wasn’t terribly sad about all this drama during midterm week.) 

I’m going to ramp up my newsletter, because I think everybody will need information and entertainment in the next couple of weeks. 

Stay healthy, people! Laura

7 thoughts on “Excerpt From the Newsletter

    1. Powdered milk for coffee. There will have to be mass hysteria and complete world devastation for me to use it, but the fear was real at that moment.


  1. Hey, 3 types of jam is not weird.

    I don’t identify with the folks who buy MASSIVE quantities of water or toilet paper, but what I’m getting is an extra pack of TP, some extra canned soup, an extra jar of peanut butter and Nutella, an extra couple containers of hand sanitizer, an extra box of Bandaids, a couple packs of energy bars, etc., etc. Uncharacteristically, I also bought a 32 oz. container of cold brew coffee concentrate.

    We’re somehow out of milk, though. I think I need to start buying an additional half gallon in addition to my usual gallon.


  2. consider one of those second-tier bidets which screw in to the porcelain with an included replacement toilet seat, and you are immune to toilet paper shortages forever. Amazon has them for about forty bucks.


  3. I don’t really understand why the coronavirus would cause a shortage of toilet paper (other than the temporary shortage caused by panic buying), or shut down the New York City water system. It’s not like a flood or an earthquake which causes roads to close or ruptures water mains).


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