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Is “A Trillion Trees” a bad idea?

I’m rearranging bedroom furniture at the moment, so I’ve been reading “5 tips for rug placement.”

I loved this article, ” When the Prince of Wales is Your Landlord.

Could you manage all the paperwork of being poor person? How about all the paperwork for poor people with special needs kids?

About the first transport of women to Auschwitz.

(Pictures from a trip to NYC a few weeks ago. Pizzeria Uno and The New York Historical Society. If you’re close to NYC, the Tiffany Lamp exhibit was amazing.)

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    “As many as 2,000 students with special needs could be left without an appropriate pre-kindergarten seat this spring, as New York City’s education department has not met demand, and private providers have struggled to keep their doors open.

    “Even as Mayor Bill de Blasio has championed universal pre-K, which now covers all 4-year-olds, preschoolers with disabilities often sit at home for weeks or months — leaving them without supports during a crucial developmental period.”

    “Many 3- and 4-year-old students with disabilities learn in general education classrooms and receive extra services. But students with more intensive needs can be designated for smaller special education classes — mostly run by nonprofit community organizations — and the city is facing an acute shortage of those seats.

    “One major cause: More than 30 community-based preschools for students with disabilities have shut their doors in and around the city since 2014, amid years of nearly flat financing from the state.”

    “Three-year-old Aiden Flores, who has autism and is nonverbal, has been at home in East New York without services since December, when he aged out of Early Intervention services for children with disabilities and became eligible to enroll in preschool.”

    “Officials at Advocates for Children, which is helping the family, said the education department is exploring options and offered a seat in a classroom that has twice as many students as Aiden’s special education learning plan calls for — an imperfect option Lopez is reluctant to accept.”


  2. Anyone else following the Coronavirus? We’ve got a lively family grext sharing info.

    I’ve already missed buying effective masks. Total failure as a prepper.

    On the bright side, computer games are incredibly educational! We’ve entered the “shut down air travel” phase of “Plague, Inc.”



    Short version: a doctor dad brought his adopted baby girl in after an injury. The girl’s adoptive parents assert that the child abuse investigation spiraled out of control, reading birthmarks and a heel stick as evidence of abuse. The adoptive father is facing criminal charges the baby is still in foster care over half a year later.

    Now that this story has hit the national media, I think that this family has a decent chance of winning, especially given the parents’ credibility and resources as doctors and the panel of experts that they are able to muster. Nonetheless, their baby is still in foster care and the dad is still facing criminal charges. It’s really unpleasant to consider how much harder this case would be to present for a less rich, less medically savvy, less well-connected family–and even so, the dad may still go to prison as an innocent man.


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