SL 771

I totally got sucked into the Harry and Meghan drama over the weekend. I blame Olivia Coleman.

Booker’s out.

Compare textbooks across different states.

The demise of a white, working class family.

As we peal wallpaper off our bedroom, we decided to finally get a headboard for the bed. Mostly to avoid the pillow falling behind the bed problem. I bought one from Wayfair for around $100 with free shipping. An almost similar one from West Elm, a low end furniture place, was $500, including shipping. I’m sure the Wayfair headboard was made at some child labor factory in China, but that’s a major savings. Does anybody buy furniture in actual stores any more?

5 thoughts on “SL 771

  1. I sympathize with two mid/late 30-somethings not wanting to live under grandma’s thumb anymore…but they do risk looking like they’re trying to enjoy the perks without the responsibilities.

    Prince Harry served in Afghanistan, so the tea party circuit is probably not a good fit for him.

    On the other hand, their family genuinely needs really expensive security coverage for the rest of their lives.

    I feel like with a bit of thought, it would be possible to come up with a set of duties that would be a better fit for their personalities and talents.

    It also feels like such a missed opportunity for Anglo-American friendship.


  2. Yes, I buy furniture in stores. Second-hand stores, consignment stores. The furniture is better, and the price is much lower.


    1. I recommend auctions. “brown furniture” is not in, so there’s really well made furniture going for nothing at auctions.


  3. I saw a funny bit on twitter:

    Poorerthanyou tweeted, “There was a comment on @adamconover
    ‘s Factually podcast recently that mortgages are usually student debt because most people buy a house to be in a particular school district and it BLEW MY MIND.”

    That’s fair!

    Or at least it’s maybe around 25-50% student debt, as you still need to live somewhere.


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