Apt. 11d Gift Guide 2019 – Older Teenager Edition

I love kids. I especially love them when they are past that horrible stage between ages 13-17 years. Those four years are the stinky underbelly of childhood, but I survived! Nevermind them. It’s all about me. And now the much nicer kids gave me some suggestions for gifts. The girl gift suggestions comes from my influencer niece, Erin. The boy gifts suggestions come Jonah.

Erin sez:

Jonah sez:

More coming soon. Including Ian’s video game selections and Steve’s history book selections.

2 thoughts on “Apt. 11d Gift Guide 2019 – Older Teenager Edition

  1. Here are some things we are getting for our 14-year-old boy:

    –Poland t-shirt with crowned eagle (substitute country of choice)
    –Swiss army knife (you can get a very nice one for $30)
    –the book “How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler”
    –the book “How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems”
    –another set of Star Trek pjs (so hard to find sizes now!)

    Some items for our 17-year-old daughter:

    –better MP3 player with buttons and radio
    –controls for a flight simulator game

    Bonus items for the 7-year-old daughter:

    –Takenoko (super cute strategy game involving pandas and bamboo)
    –jaguar-print hooded faux fur coat from Urban Republic on Amazon
    –neon gel pens
    –Kindle (gave early–the kids get a week off for Thanksgiving)
    –set of (small) drums from Guitar Center
    –$4 sand art kit from Half-Price Books
    –set of washi tape

    (I have declared a moratorium on buying more Christmas gifts for the 7-year-old.)

    Our oldest and I had a very good hunt at World Market today for special Christmas surprises. For tweens, there are some cute Japanese food/craft kits. We’ll probably give both of the big kids a $15 shopping credit, good for educational stuff or art supplies.

    I’m also in talks with my husband about signing up for Disney+ for Christmas vacation for the kids.


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