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Lots of IRL chatter about this Andrew Sullivan column. I liked these two paragraphs about Yang:

“The only true bright spot is Andrew Yang — fresh, real, future-oriented, sane, offering actual analyses of automation, trade, and technology that distinguish him from the crowd. Like Buttigieg, I suspect he’d be a superb foil for Trump and could flummox the dictatorial dotard into incoherence and open bigotry. He’s a fascinating character to me. When he’s asked a question, his nearly expressionless, wrinkle-free face, which seems to spring directly from his chest, seems about to offer some canned pabulum, and then almost always responds with a flawless, thoughtful, and entirely relevant, even insightful answer. I’m rooting for him (and Pete), but I’m not delusional.

Yang and “Booty-judge” are the future that possibly has arrived too soon, like Obama in 2007. But neither, alas, has Obama’s aura, emotional intelligence, and natural command. Who even has Bill Clinton’s roguish charm and policy brilliance?”

Cosmo – yes, the boob-happy fashion magazine with a quiz – did a series of interviews with the candidates. They asked all of the candidates, including Bernie, about their skin-care regime. The only person’s skin care regime that I care about is Warren. What does she do to make her neck look so fabulous? I want product names ASAP.

By 2025, the full cost of admission to the University of Chicago might be $100,000.

Impact of rising sea levels in Asia by 2050. Scary map alert.

5 thoughts on “SL 766

  1. 100K cost at U Chicago is misleading clickbait for that article. I suspect, that’s an article on the model Laura describes where someone jots down a random set of ideas about college, reaches 1500 words, and clicks publish, that is, how Laura told us people can make money in the modern age of freelancing.

    The tuition tracker is cute, though, and an example of the interactive visualization we have access to in the modern age of journalism (and I love the interactive graphics).


  2. I’ll have to re-read that article. Thanks, bj.

    And a senator who’s running for president wants to chat with me again. Gotta check with editors if they want something like that.


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