A Lawyer’s Bookcase

I’m using an old lawyer’s bookcase as a place to store my wine glasses, 101 hand-me-down liquor glasses, and a tea set that I love, but never use.

11 thoughts on “A Lawyer’s Bookcase

  1. My dad ruined several dozen of those cases by having someone take off the glass doors. He was tired of having to take the extra step to get a book.


  2. Brown furniture is dead. Regularly turns up on the Craigslist ‘free’ section. We have a bunch of lawyer bookcases we got from Craigslist.


    1. All antiques are dead. Baby boomers prized authenticity and craftsmanship, and loved old furnishings, old houses, etc. Later generations don’t share those views.

      (Admittedly, the cynic might question how much “craftsmanship” there is in Victorian millwork, but there is at least a species of authenticity, the authenticity of a newly-minted middle class with an organic connection to its predecessors and its superiors.)


      1. Wait. What? The Baby Boomers are all out in the suburbs in the worst tract housing. The city and its old, well-crafted houses are being fixed up my mostly people under 35.


  3. It looks lovely. Approachable, affordable home decorating, illustrated. (I do think you could put a book together on this, too.) I appreciate things I can’t do. In my hands, such things are clutter. In your hands, they’re appealing.

    If I had the nerve, I’d be buying up nice “brown furniture” now, and sticking it in a warehouse against the day it comes back into fashion. But then there are the carrying costs–warehouse rental, heating/air conditioning, security (so that the best stuff doesn’t “walk”).

    Before you laugh, I remember when mid-century modern was held up as the example of stuff no one would ever want. And now it’s really hot.


  4. I love using vintage pieces, especially when they’re freshened up by positioning them with new upholstered items, new linens/pillows, and modern furniture. I don’t think I’m terribly original. I learned all this from Boheme Brooklyn types friends. Some of my furniture I found on the side of the road on dumpster day in Manhattan. Yes, I’m still using that stuff.

    I’ve been working harder than I expected on paid stuff this past couple of weeks. Just sold a personal essay in seven minutes to Huffington Post. That’s a new personal record, so I’m gloating. It will be published on Monday. Will share.

    I also just took a bunch of pictures of my brown furniture. I’ll post it all, when Ian’s reading tutor gets here around 5:30. They like to work in the dining room, so I’m banished to the office for the hour. Downside of open concept living room/kitchen. So, back in two hours.


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