The last hour of the drive through tidewater North Carolina to my in-laws beach house is through one of the poorest areas of the country. Rusty shacks off the highway. Jesus on the radio. A sign outside the local corner store advertises pizza, AIDS tests, and a carton of smokes for $20.

Once we cross the bridge to the beach, it’s like entering a bag of skittles with candy colored beach mansions and clear blue skies.

We’re down here to check in on the in-laws and recharge our own batteries with long runs and books. I needed it.

Steve rented a convertible from the airport in Raleigh. He and Ian are super happy. I’m stuck in the backseat with wind blown hair.

6 thoughts on “Getaway

  1. Good time to get away–I went to grad school at UNC Chapel Hill in the early 80s and went to the Outer Banks every chance we could when we were stationed in Washington DC in the 90s. Save for the hurricanes, I could easily live in Wilmington or New Bern. If you’re near Manteo, drop in to O’Neals. And if you’re closer to Hags Head or Kitty Hawk, you have to experience the Brew Thru, a drive-in beer retailer. Hope you enjoy your trip!


    1. My favorite thing in Chapel Hill was the sushi place with the little conveyor belt. Or the University. Both had good points.


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