I joined a beginners running club a couple of weeks ago. I’ve intermittently run for the past couple of years, but I wanted to go back to basics and learn to run with a group. And this winter was a wasteland of personal fitness, so I needed to start at the very beginning with a “Couch to 5K” program.

At the duck pond in town on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings, Linda, the trainer, blows whistles for us to run and then walk. We’ve built up to a three minute run and a one minute walk for thirty minutes. It’s unbelievably awesome. I mean it’s not like I’m Jack Dorsey or anything, with a wackadoo fasting schedule and all that, but I do like getting muscle-y.

I think that I’ve earned a new running outfit, so after I tidy up a few loose ends with work, I’m going to the mall to get a new running outfit. And maybe a new dress. And maybe a manicure. Retail therapy is always good.

What’s your exercise regimen these days?

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  1. Hah, mine is managing to stand up every hour as my watch instructs me to (that is, when I remember to wear it).


  2. Obsessed with tennis (4x a week including a league). Pilates on a reformer – think my friend and I + a class of 25 year olds with blaring hip hop music. Super challenging but worth it! And finally, my trainer went on mat leave so I need to continue lifting heavy things/doing explosive exercises (ladder, box jumps, etc) on my own once a week.

    I find in general that if I have someone to “play” with (like your running group), I’ll be there. Otherwise it’s too easy to put it off.

    Love the tennis as it’s social and something I can do for many years.

    Hoping not so much to extend my life but to be as active and fit as possible as I get older.


  3. Laura asked, “What’s your exercise regimen these days?”

    In all seriousness, walking the mega-strip mall, mega-grocery store, the stairs at home, and occasionally walking to church or across campus (20-30 minutes one way) and very occasionally doing recumbent bike at home.

    I should do more, but (pardon the expression) I really do not have the spoons to deal with everything I do right now PLUS a serious exercise program. I spend so much time and energy motivating other people that I don’t have a lot left for motivating me. Also (being very honest with myself here) it looks like I do need some accountability, and that means paying somebody to make me be accountable, and I don’t really have the funds right now.

    Oh, yeah, and we’re in the peak of allergy season right now.

    But if I’m not doing a lot more by fall 2020 (when our oldest starts college), everybody yell at me.


  4. I have to do either more self care or less self care these days, depending on whether we are using Laura’s definition or mine. I can hardly drink properly at all and need to exercise regularly in order to feel good. I still can’t run, because tendons.


  5. I am gearing up for another half marathon. I can’t do full marathons anymore. I just got new shoes over the weekend. Is there anything better than new running shoes? It’s like springs, but it disappears in a week.


  6. I’m a runner – though as I get older the distances get shorter. Used to do marathons and half-marathons, but sticking to 5Ks and 10Ks now. (but got one of my best 5K times in my very first race in the 50+ age group this year. I’m still super slow…but I’ll take it.) I’ve been enjoying the “guided run” on the Nike Run Club app. They have some with the headspace meditation guy, and his voice is very soothing.


  7. If you’re already going to be in North Carolina, why not go to Wake Forest and ask around for which kids are the slow ones and then see what the parents are doing? Maybe try Duke also. I bet most people who be like bribe their way into Wake Forest probably tried Duke first.


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