Friday Fun 2

I’ve got about 30 minutes until we go out for dinner, so let me share some fun things that are making me happy lately.

For some reason, I’m totally obsessed with leather goods lately. I got THREE purses this winter, which is totally atypical for me. They include the Frye purse, a Born purse, and a Madewell backpack.

I ran out and got a jacket and shell from the Banana last night. I needed something new desperately, and we live in the land of many GAPs. But, please, never ever, pay full price for anything at the Banana Republic. Between their sales and other offers, I got everything for about 60 percent off.


I got the “Amazon Jacket” last month. Love.

TV shows that we’re watching: Vikings and Russian Doll.

Books. Mostly garbage for me. I don’t know what Steve’s got on the end table right now.

OK, I’m out of time. Jonah’s walking in the door. We’re going out for sushi, I think. I’m going to pick up a bottle of wine for the restaurant.

Enjoy the weekend, peeps!

22 thoughts on “Friday Fun 2

  1. Very nice!

    We just got our first Instant Pot and while I find it intimidating, there are so many exciting options!

    We’re going to have a cardamon Indian cheesecake (made with plain whole fat yogurt and sweetened condensed milk) tonight. It’s been in the fridge since last night and I somehow haven’t eaten it.

    I’m planning to make this soon:

    and there is some talk of making a sausage potato hash.

    Meatballs also look exciting.

    I haven’t cooked recreationally for a while, so it’s a new thing to feel excited about making stuff.

    Husband and I have been watching The Orville and Endeavor and I see that Death of Stalin just arrived on disk from Netflix.


  2. Ok, I have a question — what is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a prom dress, assuming you can afford practically anything at Bergdorf’s. Asking for an imaginary friend.


    1. $300 doesn’t see out of line, although I’m sure you can find something for less. There may also be shoes to purchase.

      There doesn’t seem to be much opportunity for reuse. They don’t seem to have as many black tie events at college today as they did when I went (this analysis is based on the very limited sample size of two: Emory 2016 and Yale 1981). And after age 22, I don’t know how many women can fit into the dress they wore at age 18.


      1. Widowed friend of ours married another friend and wore THE DRESS SHE GOT MARRIED IN FIFTY YEARS BEFORE. But, yes, not usual.


      2. DS said,

        “Widowed friend of ours married another friend and wore THE DRESS SHE GOT MARRIED IN FIFTY YEARS BEFORE.”



    1. Prom dresses?

      We’re having one of those “private school poor” months. This is what I ordered for our junior daughter, who just got asked to the prom by a fellow anime fan:

      We got the navy one, which was $33. I’m hoping it works. If it doesn’t, I’d be happy to keep our dress expenses under $100 if we had to buy locally.

      Regarding your totally hypothetical question–she can get a very nice dress for under $200. Here are my arguments for keeping a lid on the price (even assuming unlimited budget):

      –She can find something nice for less.
      –What if something happens to the dress? Better to wreck a $200 dress than a $400 dress.
      –When is she going to wear it again?
      –It’s good for kids to get some experience getting value for a limited amount of money.
      –It’s bad to peak in high school.


      1. C is a fair, blue-eyed brunette, so that dress will (hopefully!) be more fetching than you might think.


      2. Agree. Also some daughters of friends used Rent the Runway and liked what they got. It’s been a few years since I used RTR so not sure what their prices are like now.


  3. I’ve spent Friday night with DoorDash and Days of Our Lives. Yes, you bring back Jack Devereaux into my life, and I’m in. I’m cheap that way,

    My mom had her chest cut open on Monday and came home today. Modern medicine is miraculous. I’m on home nurse duty till Sunday morning, then I have to rush back home in between snow storms so I can teach first thing Monday morning. Tomorrow afternoon while one of my sisters is here, I’ll go out to Panera and hunker down and churn out one last syllabus. I spent hours sitting around in the hospital getting nothing done because hospital rooms are too small. No matter where I was sitting, some doctor/nurse/nurse’s aide/etc. needed to be right where I was.


      1. That reminds me of how my one sister has taken to asking if I remember how old dad was when he got his first angioplasty.


      2. My dad had a stroke at age 50, his first angio leading to triple bypass when he was 61, his cancer diagnosis at age 63, and kidney failure around age 65.

        I’m 53. =:o


  4. There’s an instagram group, with dresses, “reserved”, to avoid dress overlap. They don’t post links or prices (apparently, in other high schools in the area, people do). This is senior prom, so a pretty big deal (but, an unusual one, more of a graduation party, only seniors, no one from outside the school).

    The blue dress is cute. I’ve had some success with those types of dresses from Amazon. Here, the girls all wear short, black, boring dresses.


    1. To note, the child has no interest in over spending. It’s her mother that we need to keep off the fence.


      1. bj said,

        “It’s her mother that we need to keep off the fence.”

        This is where (if he were around for the conversation), my husband would ask, “Is the $400 dress twice as nice as the $200 dress?”


    2. bj said,

      “There’s an instagram group, with dresses, “reserved”, to avoid dress overlap.”

      That’s a pretty good idea.

      “This is senior prom, so a pretty big deal (but, an unusual one, more of a graduation party, only seniors, no one from outside the school).”

      That’s nice. Our school’s has different rules, but will also be small-ish. Like, there’s only “prom.”

      “The blue dress is cute. I’ve had some success with those types of dresses from Amazon.”

      Thanks! It arrived today and we definitely got our money’s worth. C is not a shopper, so we were both thrilled to be spared a visit to brick-and-mortar stores.

      “Here, the girls all wear short, black, boring dresses.”

      Noooo! What is the point of going expensive or doing the Instagram thing if it’s all virtually identical dresses?

      A year or two ago, we bumped into a prom (?) couple getting dinner at an old school local burger joint, and the girl was basically in full princess/quinceanera mode. I have warned C that some of her classmates are going to have way fancier dresses.

      Interestingly, prom fever has infected the UK!


  5. Luke Perry is dead at 52 after a stroke.

    I don’t know about you all, but I keep a sort of mental file of people who die around/before 50.


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